An original production of Film & Arts for AMC Networks International-Latin America & co-produced with Trinity Contenidos.

The meeting with local artists creates new links that become revealing exchanges, combining musical travel, reality shows and performance. In Breaking Music, the traveler's gaze and narration allow the audience to access a new and unforeseen point of view.



In this episode, prominent German baritone Benjamin Appl receives a strange proposal from an anonymous patron for a musical research trip.

Since Benjamin has always been interested in tango and is an expert in German lied, he considers that it could be a good opportunity to investigate the similarities and differences of these two musical genres and decides to accept the proposal with the conditions set by the mysterious patron: In Buenos Aires he will be assisted at all times by a local guide and translator; the duration of the investigation will be six days.

He will have to give a concert of his own repertoire to the local public and, finally, he will have to perform a concert in Berlin during which he will narrate his experience transmitting his valuable personal experiences, and where each piece of music will be related to what he experienced in Buenos Aires.

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The young accordionist from Latvia, Latvia, Ksenija Sidorova, receives through her agent, the offer of an anonymous patron, a musical research trip on the subject that she wishes.

After thinking about it, Ksenija decides to decline the offer.

She has a young daughter and wants to be with her family in this special time. A few days later, her husband opens the door of their house in Madrid and finds something unexpected, a beautiful cream colored motor-home occupying the entire street.

It is the work of the patron, who insists. He's doubling his bet. Ksenija, notice the enthusiasm of her daughter and her husband and realize that she will not be able to refuse the offer this time. Inquiring about the research topic, the desire quickly arises to enrich the classical repertoire of her instrument, the accordion.

Ksenja decides to go to meet the traditional music of the towns and cities. There she receives a clue for his first step in the search: "There is a 103 year old musician who plays the hurdy-gurdy, a mysterious instrument ..."At the end of the trip, Ksenija's commitment is to return to Latvia, her hometown. Once there, she will give a concert in which music and narration tell the public of her homeland, about the adventure she lived.

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Musical Series by AMC Networks International Latinoamérica 2020.

Breaking Music 01 - Benjamin Appl (Available)
Breaking Music 02 - Ksenija Sidorova (Coming soon)
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Recording Format: 4K DCI - 5.1 sound. - COLOR - Duration: 80’.

A musical series by AMC Networks International - Latin America 2020
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Trinity Contenidos
A film by Marcelo Lezama